Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Favourite Cricut cartridges?

Anyone with a Cricut, would you tell me what your favourite cartridges are please?  Which ones do you get the most use out of?

I got Plantin Schoolbook and Accent Essentials with my Cricut, and I really want to order one more (for now lol!) but I must have spent an hour or more looking at the different ones and just couldn't make my mind up... help me spend my money please!

Thanks for any suggestions :o)


Donnas Den said...

Hi Lisa,

I recently got a cricut with 4 cartridges. It was meant to have a 'nursery rhymes' cartridge (which I wasn't that fussed about) but I ended up with 2 cindyloo's. I decided to sell the spare and by the 'robots'. So far I've only used my cindy loo but think I'll get a lot out of the robots.

If you're interested in the cindyloo (£25) take a look here:

Hope you're well and look forward to more cards over at Cards for Men.

Take care,

Donna x

Nannieflash said...

Hi Lisa, I think the best cartridges are one like Donna surgested Cindy Loo, its got some lovely doilies on it, and Ive just bought Paper Lace as that also has some on, its best what you feel is more important to your needs.
I would also google the best prices for them as I find some of the Ebay sites are cheaper than the ones in the UK, you might have to wait a couple of weeks for them to turn up, and providing they are not over £30. you wont have to pay and customs on them. With love and hugs Shirleyxx

MARY B said...

Hi Lisa, I love Forever Young and have a post on my blog at the moment using it, the George and basic shapes that I got with my original machine is brilliant but dont know if you can buy it on its own, perhaps on ebay? Other favourites are create a critter, Paper dolls and martha stewart cake ones(they are like having loads of MS punches also love seasonal cake, Gosh there are so many, Check out My Pink Stamper there's a link on my blog, looking forward to seeing your creations. Mary x

Sarah said...

Hi hun, so you got one then! If you want doilies and stuff the Elegant cakes is supposed to be really nice.

Audrey said...

Right now I am loving Create A Critter and Forever Young. I also really like From My Kitchen. Good luck in choosing just 1 (lol)

Jackie said...

I don't have any of the latest cartridges but I have just bought the SCAL - Sure Cuts a Lot - software which means I don't ever need to buy any more carts :o)
Jackie xx

Donna said...

Hi Lisa, I love the Wild Card cart and sounds like there are some interesting and new carts out...will have to go check them out :) Donna x