Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A quick question - can anyone help?

I'm sure one of you stash hunters out there will be able to help me!  I want to try using kraft card (I know, I'm sooo behind everyone else!)... I've got some kraft paper, but I want to be able to use it for card bases as well as for stamping.  So does anyone know a good UK supplier?  Thanks for any help :o)

Oh, and I'm totally gobsmacked to see that I'm heading close to 400 followers - how amazing is that?  My mini candy is running for a few more days, but I think when that one ends I'll have to do another one to celebrate!


  1. sorry i too am behind i have never used kraft card but i too am in need of help as my card shop has closed down could I ask where you get your basic card from please i need somewhere that sell a mixture of colours xx

  2. Hey hunny, Bazzill make Kraft card also Stamping Up does too, so if you just google both or either you should be able to find some. Also try Capture The Magic website, they do lots and lots of Bazzill in diff colours. Good luck and let me know if you get some, hugs Heidi xxx

  3. Stampin' Up! you can get 12x12 or A4 although it's now called crumb cake not kraft (I'm a demo if I can help!)
    Hope that helps

  4. I use the Stampin' Up Kraft too and really like it, it's a great weight for a card base.
    Clare x

  5. I asked the same question a couple of weeks back and was directed here
    Pretty reasonable and 300gsm so will stand up x

  6. quick fix:

  7. Hi Lisa - I have a download kraft paper to print out onto card or paper - I can email it to you if you like? Email me at