Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My mini candy winner is....

Well done hun, send me an email with your address and I'll get your goodies sent out :o)

Hopefully I'll be back later with a card, if I can be bothered... I'm sick of this cold now - every night I think I'm bound to feel a bit better in the morning, and then I wake up and feel worse.  I'm so busy, my eldest is off school for half term, and I was supposed to be helping my auntie out with her new baby (her hubby is in the army and is away during the week)... couldn't be a worse time to be ill really!

Oh dear, I'm moaning again!  If I do come back with a card, I promise there'll be no moaning lol.


  1. Muchas felicidades Lisa!!! :D



  2. Aww, feel sorry for you Lisa - my cold went on for over a week and was just horrible. Hope you feel better soon xx

  3. Whoo Hoo this is a perfect way to start the day!! Thanks so much, I emailed you my info

    Lisa V

  4. Poor you, do hope you feel better soon, what a bad time to be ill. Sending hugs. Congrats Lisa V for winning. Marianne x

  5. Hi Lisa, gosh I'm glad it's not just me who seems to be moaning, not that you are, I hope your feeling better soon hun,I'm just getting over a cold so I hope I've passed the cure on lol, hugs Lizxx

  6. congratulations lisa and thanks lisa for the chance to win.i hope you feel better soon hun.

    xx coops xx