Sunday 12 December 2010

Cricut - quick question

Sorry, me again!  Just a really quick question... Do any of you have a Cricut, and do you get lots of use out of it?  Would you say you've used it enough to 'justify' the cost?

None of my family are particularly crafty, and they never know what to buy me so nearly everyone gives me money for Christmas, and then my birthday is a few weeks later, and they do the same again.  So I was thinking of using my Christmas & birthday money to buy a Cricut and some... umm... forgot the name for them... carts?  Would you recommend one?


Claire said...

Hi Lisa, unfortunately I don't have one or know anyone who does so can't comment I'm afraid. Hugs, Claire x

Unknown said...

I love mine, I started off with the original cricut a couple of years ago and upgraded to a create this summer, it is fab you can cut taller shapes and flip images and allsorts, ideally I would have liked an expression which cuts up to 12x12 ins but as it's larger didnt really have room. The new imagine looks fantastick but you have to factor in the cost of ink, am definately tempted but will wait and see. Check out my pink stamper, you can link through her blinkie on my sidebar she does fab cricut tutorials check out her videos. Hope this helps email me if you want to know anything else. Mary x

Amanda said...

I bought a cricut in the thanksgiving sales last year and although I didn't think I would use it it was a really good deal, I surprised myself and never make a card without it. Hubbie bought me an expression for my birthday in june and it takes pride of place in my craft room. Haven't tried SCAL yet but the carts have so many features I use them instead of nesties.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Lisa my son bought me the Cricut a couple of years ago for Christmas and at first I used it loads but now it sits in the cupboard unused, I think there are updated machines now that do a lot more but they are all too expensive for me now.
If you do get one..enjoy.
Lorraine x

ottersln said...

Yes I recommend one. I have the Bug, the Expression, and the Cricut Imagine and now a GYpsy. Check the deals on HSN and QVC for some combination deals.

Lisa said...

Hi Lisa, I recently bought the Cricut Imagine but I have been so busy with Christmas preparations that I haven't really had time to sit down and work out how to use it properly yet. However, I can't wait to have a good play and hope once I know how to use it properly it will get lots of use.

Lisa x

Jackie said...

I have the original Cricut, had it nearly 4 years now and wouldn't want to be without it :o)
Jackie xx