Friday, 18 November 2011


Just popping in to say hello and I'm really sorry for not making it around many of your blogs.  I did do a bit of very slow commenting but it's hard unless I've just taken a dose of paracetamol - unfortunately that's the only painkiller I can take as all the others make me sick.  The only way I can have anything stronger is if I'm given anti-sickness treatment at the same time... hopeless really aren't I?!

I got as far as going past a dentists today - I had every intention of going in to register (honest!) but somehow went past instead, the fear just took over!  So hubby's going to pop in tomorrow and pick up registration forms and then he'll have to drag me in kicking and screaming I think.  I do have a card to post for tomorrow, so I'll be back in the morning - still hoping for a miracle recovery so I can avoid the dentists altogether lol!


Unknown said...

Hi Lisa, you really do have my sympathies - I have a phobia about the dentist too. I go, but I go as quick as I can and am out of there like a shot. If hubby didn't go regularly I wouldn't go either - but he does and so do I. I even send Emily in with hubby as I worry that my stress would communicate to her.

I hope you make it there and they can do something for you.


Kat said...

Sorry to hear you're in so much pain Lisa. It's really difficult to concentrate on anything when you're in pain. Hope you get it sorted out soon.

My lack of commenting is due to my often non-existent internet connection. I've only just managed to enter the LIM challenge, very late due to this problem. And I need to schedule tomorrow's Totally Gorjuss DT card and catch up with commenting. Compared to your pain this is just a minor thing!

Hope you feel better soon.

Kat xx

Fiona said...

oh Lisa...I feel your pain!! I used to be scared of the dentist, but I have a new dentist now who is very gentle and tells me everything she is going to do before she does it and if I need her to stop she does. I am still not very good at breathing as the suction and water and drilling is going on though so I usually have to get her to stop...I am sure once you get in and are seen you'll be wondering what all the fuss was about!!

Hope you feel better soon.


Vicky said...

Oh babes you must go...I didn't go for nearly 20 years...yes 20 years...then around 5 years ago I had the worse pain ever...and it was a abscess :o(

I found a truly fantastic practice...very patient and kind and I haven't looked back since. I was so scared I thought you would have to drug me to

So be brave...and get hubby to hold you hand and I know it will be just fine...I do empathise with you hunni..

take care....and sending big hugs V xx

Vicky said...

Hi sweetie you have all of my sympathy hun I have a HUGE phobia about dentist I'm not scared of needles or anything like that I dont know what it is I cant even sit in waiting room I start going dizzy then feeling sick.....its anything to do with it!!! I have 3 fillings that fell out, the 1st one 4 years ago lucky enough I have a VERY high pain threshold so I can withstand a lot of pain lol.
The terrible thing is hun my dentist is brilliant with people like me I get put to sleep & they let me sit in my car outside til the dentist is ready & then they come tap on my window, they really are fabulous.......but it doesnt make any difference lol.
I went have my 1st tattoo years ago & when I went in there was a dentist chair I walked straight back out & went somewhere else for my tattoo lol........

I hope you do get sorted sweetie but you really do have all my sympathies shug. Thinking of you hun lol.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

Lorraine said...

EEK, hope your pain goes away somehow and soon! The pain is probably more painful than the dentist will be? Yikes, take care, hun!

Doreen said...

Just think of the pain free time after the

Joey said...

ooooh Lisa nothing worse than Toothache, that headache that goes with it is awful, I am not good with dentists either, I have been fortunate that I can have sedation for when I have had to have those wisdom teeth out, they should be sympathetic to your fears hunny and you may need anti-b's so worth just letting them have a tiny peek.Hope it eases real soon, have you tried clove oil it numbs it for a minute or so, is absolutely disgusting but it does work. Joey xxx

Jackie said...

Good morning Lisa, I do sympathise very much. I can't take anything but paracetomol either, and I had an aversion to dentists for about 20 years until the pain drove me to one many years ago and I have never looked back {{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}}
Jackie xx

Christine L said...

((((((((((((big hugs)))))))))))) for you Lisa.... I have a two and a half hour appt next tues to have two crowns fitted... will have to have 'loo' breaks methinks! You're so not alone, so many of us are scared witless! When in actual fact, after a short appt you can come out painless!
Christine x

coops said...

aw lisa.i really do hope you can ovecome your fear of the dentist and get your tooth sorted.i`m not the best person when it comes to dentists either, its the needles i don`t like but my dentist is really good and the needles nowadays are so small.i go for my surgery on friday :(

xx coops xx