Saturday, 21 December 2013

Honest opinions please!

Happy Saturday everyone :o)

I hadn't really intended posting this morning, but I'm having a wobble and need opinions!

I've cut all the bits ready to put several of these cards together - I thought they'd be good for the neighbours (I know, so last minute!) and a couple of male relatives.  But it's had the most lukewarm reaction ever from hubby and the kids, and now I'm considering binning it and coming up with something else.  Morgan (usually my biggest fan) said "it's alright"... Dex (who's like a mini Simon Cowell, the voice of doom even with cards I really like) said it was rubbish... Hubby wasn't even sure what it was (Christmas puddings obviously aren't big in Poland)... so, help?  Do I put the others together or scrap the idea?

I should add, I got the basic idea from Pinterest.

Items Used
White hammered, brown & green card - Papermill Direct
Go Kreate large plain & scalloped circle dies
Digi stamp (on tag) - NEW Christmas Word Art Set - DigiStamp Boutique
(badly) hand cut holly leaves - started as ovals and I hacked bits off!
Tag die - Little Claire
Swiss Dots embossing folder
Card candy - Craftwork Cards
Stickles in Frosted Lace

I'll be back later with another post... Hope you all have a lovely day :o)


  1. First of all, I've stopped asking hubby for opinions, because I now know we don't have the same taste. The good thing is that he likes those I want to put in the bin though...
    I think this is a cute clean design perfect for mass production. It's different from your usual style, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I say that these are so much more beautiful than the ones you buy from a store, and handmade cards are so much more personal and more appreciated than ready bought ones. I think you should go ahead And that is my HONEST opinion:)

  2. Honestly? Love it! Pass me a spoon someone.... Hugs xx

  3. Honestly... I like it!!! Very sweet and festive!

  4. Looks great - very unique - They won't have another Christmas card like that! x

  5. It's definitely a keeper! So cute - I really like it.

  6. Oh Lisa, don't listen to hubby. I'm absolutely hopeless at making mens' cards, and this is just perfect for simple, elegant and masculine cards. Keep the production line going. It's lovely. I might even have a go myself they look so good.

  7. I think it's fab idea and would go for it, :)

  8. Nothing wrong with it at all Lisa.....I would maybe put the holly at the top in the middle! Just my opinion but would be happy to receive knowing that it was handmade. Don't ask them anymore!!!
    Hugs Sally xxx

  9. I think it's just lovely Lisa and you should go with it!
    The kids reaction was probably because they are used to seeing your cards with lots of lovely colouring on, so it's a bit different to what they are used to :o)

    I would be really pleased to receive such a lovely card (and I'm not just saying it to be's because it's true!)

    Sharon x

  10. Really fun card! Hugs Juls

  11. I think they are very unique and look relatively easy to mass produce, so go ahead with them. Your neighbours will love 'em.

  12. I think this is totally yummy Lisa, makes me want to eat it, for it looks delish! Don't ask guys for their opinion, they usually tend to respond rather tepidly ;-) (although I must say my DH USUALLY responds rather enthusiastically, have I written that correctly at all, lol!) So don't doubt, your neighbours will be thrilled! Hugs, Ira x
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  13. I LOVE it hun....:o)

    biggest of hugs Vicky xx

  14. I honestly think it looks fab!!
    Helen x

  15. Well I think they look fab Lisa... and as others have suggested... go with what YOU like!! LOL!!

    Christine x

  16. I think it is a cutie...Why not put a verse inside that says something about it being a pudding. Something about how at Christmas you can have your cake and eat it too...

  17. Well, I love it too Lisa..unique and effective and perfect for mass producing.I too, like Sally, would probably have the holly up on the top,but that is only my opinion..fabulous card and can smell the brandy from here..

    luv CHRISSYxx

  18. Honestly - this is fabulous Lisa. I love it!
    hugs Sue xx

  19. these are so cool Lisa - so glad you went ahead with them xx

  20. Please don't bin them Lisa, they are fabulous. Maybe hubby is comparing them with past makes and you can't put as much detail into xmas cards when you have so many to make. I would be thrilled to receive a card like this.
    Hugs Sharon. x

  21. Wow what a fab and fun card Lisa love it!!
    XXX Heidy

  22. I think it's fantastic, ignore the menfolk, what do they know :o)
    Jackie xx

  23. I totally agree with all the comments and think it's a fab design and hope you went ahead and made some more!
    I would definitely be well chuffed if I received this card - it's very effective and I love the little tag.
    Big hugs, Kat xx

  24. well i think its fantastic lisa.brilliant design :D

    xx coops xx