Saturday, 11 February 2012

Followers gadget... eek!

You might have already seen this on Vicky's blog but apparently the google followers gadget will be disappearing soon, which means all our followers will disappear too!

I don't want to lose any of you, and would love to be able to keep up with all your blogs too, so could you sign up again using the new linky on the top right of my blog please?  And also add it on your own blogs so I can come and follow you too :o)

I'm sure it'll take some time to sort out... Could you all spread the word on your blogs and hopefully we won't lose too many people along the way!

Edit - Just adding this link here which does say that it WILL affect blogger...

Another edit - It seems that the official line is that it's just non-blogger blogs like wordpress that will lose this feature, and that it could just be a rumour that it will be phased out completely... so fingers crossed, and hopefully panic over?  But I'm leaving the new linky thing in place just in case!



    Read point 2, it's not going anywhere for blogspot bloggers :)

  2. Hi Lisa
    I have joined the new followers list. i hope you will do the same for me

    hugs sarah x

  3. Thanks for the info, Lisa. I have joined your new list and I have added the link to my sidebar on my blog. I'm still in denial about Google Friend Connect disappearing to be replaced by Google+, LOL!

  4. thanks lisa..if you wanna followme to i added it to my blog...always nice to have someone out there keeping things updated


  5. Oh no! How sad! I'm following you again and I've added the linky thing to my blog and spread the word a bit.... Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

  6. Lisa, I've done some research and it very clearly states its for non google bloggers like wordpress. Here's the link - - Hugs, Claire xx

  7. Just joined your new followers list Lisa, hope you will keep calling on me too. Hugs Mau xx

  8. Doing the same 'just in case'! Have clicked on your new linky.