Thursday, 21 July 2011

My lovely new daylight lamp...

Do you remember me telling you about the daylight lamp I was asked to review by the Daylight Company?  I was intending to write my review days ago, but realised I couldn't possibly take photos of my desk, it was in such an appalling state... so I had to have a tidy up especially so the lamp could have its picture taken :o)

It arrived packaged really well, and took hardly any putting together at all - I didn't even need hubby to help, which is very unusual for me!

Hmm... think I should have cleared my desk completely, it still looks a mess!  Oh well, it can't be helped - I seem to work best in clutter.  Although the lamp is quite big, you can see it fits in perfectly and it's a fab modern design, and nice and sturdy.

I love the way the head can be swivelled so you actually get light exactly where you need it, and it makes my craft room lovely and bright.  It also has a magnifier... now I had one of these on my old lamp (now relegated to the kitchen) and never used it as I could never get it in the right position for a good view.  This one's really easy to position though, and I've used it quite a lot.  I used to get headaches while colouring, but with the combination of the bright natural light and the magnifier I can sit and colour for hours :o)  And of course I can colour at night too, and it's just like working in daylight.

So it has a thumbs up from me, I love my fabby new lamp - thank you Daylight Company, I feel very lucky to have been asked to do this!


  1. looks and sounds great! whats that you are storing your pm's in?

  2. Sorry to be akward hun, but do you know the name of the daylight lamp please, as they seem to make a couple of desk ones ?, thanks Sam x

  3. This lamp looks great. See you are storing your PM's the same way as me and Louise - thank God for Ikea!!!!
    Denise xx

  4. ooo I like the peek into your craft room Lisa...all those promarkers...anyway onto the lamp.
    Looks good, I use a floor standing daylight lamp as it was originally bought when I did cross stitch, i love the light it gives out too :)
    Jenny x

  5. I'm so jealous...I've got a daylight lamp (which I had to buy!!)...and it DOESN'T have a magnifier :-( Great light though :-) Dee

  6. your new lamp looks just fab!! and I am well impressed at how organised your crafty space is ..... wish I could be like that!!! Hugs Juls

  7. Looks fab Lisa. Thanks for sharing! Vx

  8. Looks so cool ~ great lighting makes such a huge difference on our work! Thanks for the helpful info!