Monday, 29 November 2010

Sob... no internet for a week!

We still have no internet connection - just grabbing another few mins using hubby's phone to connect me but it's taken about an hour to get that to work tonight!  According to Sky we need a new router, so they're sending us one and fingers crossed we'll have that by Friday.

I'm not handling it well....


  1. Aww, I hope you get sorted very soon. Hugs, Claire x

  2. Ahhh Lisa how awful hun :o(
    When my lappy died I was just like you, hated every minute of it and it was only for 12hrs. Hope you get it sorted soon and I will look forward to seeing all your gorgeous creations,
    hugs Vicky xx

  3. I can't imagine how I would feel with no internet!!!!
    Thankfully sky is sorting the problem out, make sure you get discount for this month too!

    I give up using my phone, can't bloody see it properly & takes forever xx

  4. Hey petal
    Hope it gets sorted very soon!
    Sky are the worse for this! Ours failed every other week and they always said it was just our laptops! But eventually I got them to change the router and it stopped!!
    Although it does still lose connection, but maybe thats Scotland hee!
    Hugs Melly xx

  5. Hi Hun
    aww pain in the butt for you, do hope you back up n running soon hun, sue,x

  6. Hi Lisa, Hope they get you back online soon, I would really miss it too if we had a problem. Looking forwrd to seeing your lovely cards soon.

    Donna x

  7. Hi Lisa
    how awful, we have cable, and yesterday we had problems and they said it was our router, but it turned out to be them!!
    hope yours is fixed soon, what did we do without tinternet??
    Hugs Di xx

  8. Hi Lisa i have AOL and they had problems last night too its frigtning what ever did we do before the internet !!!!! hope its sorted soon luv Sue x

  9. Oh no! More time for crafting tho..... :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

  10. You have my sympathy!!! I know what it's like to be without internet. But you've time to make some cards :))

  11. Oh Gosh! I would be tearing my hair out by now... hope your new router arrives soon and you're up and running again.
    Hope you're having fun in the snow, I hear that Sheffield has it pretty bad.
    Caroline xxx