Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Thomas Cammack Appeal

I don't usually do this sort of thing, but you can't fail to be moved by what this brave little boy is going through.  

I know there's not much spare money around for a lot of us at the moment, but every little bit helps.  And it would be wonderful if you could post something on your own blogs, so as many people see this as possible.

Please visit Thomas's facebook page HERE
and you can donate on bmycharity HERE
or text Thom97 £1-£10 to 70070

Thanks so much for reading, I know the family will be so grateful for any help at all.

** Edited - thanks Sam for pointing out my mistake! Should all be working now **


Whisper said...

Hi Hun, sorry to be a pain, your link for the bmycharity, goes to facebook, then i was struggling with his name as it's CAMMACK, not Cammock, as i was going to donate, Luv Sam x

Whisper said...

I've just donated and will gladly put this on my blog, as having a 5 year old boy, it's a case of here by the grace of god go i, that he is ok - but i do understand a little of what they are going through, as my 1st husband passed away with Leukaemia, Luv Sam x

Shaz said...

I have just donated by text. Bless his heart, I also put a similar appeal on my blog for my grandson, who suffers from DMD for which there is no cure and some lovely peeps donated, so i hope you get some donations this way. Shaz xx

sarah's little snippets said...

Oh poor Thomas, what a brave little boy. Thanks for highlighting this Lisa.

Lorraine said...

Oh, what a sweet thing you are doing. I'm going to go check it out...