Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas candle

Yesterday I spent all day making candle boxes to give to Dex's nursery staff - or as Dex calls them 'his ladies' :o)  Now I've never made these before, so it took me all day to make 4, plus a trip to Hobbycraft for more acetate because I kept scoring them wrong and I needed more supplies to ruin lol...

The photos are of the first one I managed to successfully make - I think the ones I made after probably looked slightly better than this, but I didn't get round to taking photos of them, and we've taken them into nursery today as it's Dex's last day before Christmas.

I googled for candle box tutorials and came across this one which I more or less followed, but I had to adjust the measurements a bit because my candles were too big really.  So if I do them again, I'd get smaller candles.  The papers are GCD Studios Joyful Peace and the sentiment on the tag is an Elzybells one.  I wish I'd added a bit more detail to them now, looking at the pics, but never mind at least they're done!

I'm entering my box for the following challenges:

I'm going to have a bit of a moan now about the recent blog candy that I offered... I posted it to the winner at the beginning of last week and have had a couple of emails to say that the package still hadn't arrived.  I was a bit irritated at the bloomin' postal service to be honest, it does annoy me when things go missing or are delayed like that.  I offered to send her some other bits after Christmas if the parcel didn't turn up at all.  But then it became fairly obvious that (without actually saying it outright) she must believe that I didn't even send it, because she's stopped following my blog... this is someone who's cards I've been commenting on for a little while and she's been commenting on mine, and I thought was a genuinely nice person.  She obviously doesn't think the same about me if she thinks I'd lie about sending the parcel.  I'm now not sure about even bothering with blog candies again, if they cause this sort of bad feeling.  I was really upset about it yesterday and didn't feel like blogging at all, but I know that most bloggers are lovely so I won't let it put me off.

Right, moan over!  As I've been so busy over the last few days and I'm feeling a bit wiped out by my yucky cold, I've decided to take the morning off lol, and sit here with the laptop and catch up with you all.  Then this afternoon we'll be watching my little shepherd in his first nativity, bless him... tissues at the ready!


Koraliki Beaty said...


Debs M said...

well done for persevering with the boxes, they look lovely! Hmm i wonder about blog candy and what to do if it goes missing, maybe the answer is an online voucher but it's so much nicer getting a parcel of goodies..such a shame if they don't believe you, i feel i kind of 'know' people i regularly leave comments on. Crafters are usually such a nice bunch, good luck with whatever you decide and enjoy the show! x


Hi Lisa
Gorgeous gifts and glad you persevered with the boxes,sorry you have been upset Lisa but i think most crafter's are genuine,enjoy watching your little shepard this afternoon
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Sudha said...

Wow fabulous. LOve this.


Janette said...

Firstly Lisa, your candles are brilliant and such a gorgeous gift, well done if you've never done them before, no one would ever know......

As for the other business, Sod her...whoever she is, don't blink an eye about it....some people just don't deserve to get anything, of all the you say, a huge amount of crafters are so kind, generous and most of all, have'nt lost a follower, you dropped a problem sweetie..xxxx

Nannieflash said...

Oh Lisa I bet them quickly love what youve done with that candly and its display box. hugs Shirleyxx

Juls said...

this is such a gorgeous gift!! Hugs Juls

Little K Smith said...

These are fabulous Lisa, well done you :)
As for the candy, the postal service is ever so busy at this time of year! So I hope she gets it (and she most likely will!) and feels really guilty! ;)

craftymum said...

What a great gift this is. You have done a great job

About the your candy. I can't believe some one would stop following you.! Don't people understand that things do get lost in the post or take a while to get to you? I recenetly won some candy but the lady was ill and had had a very bad pregnancy so couldn't get out. I would rather think that I was more concerned about her health than when I would receive some candy.

I guess it would make you feel like not bothering again. I have offered candy every month this year and some people have become followers and commented once just to try and win!

Dont worry you still have a lot of loyal followers ( I am one!)

hugs Sarah x

Kat said...

what a lovely gift Lisa. I'm still trying to finish 8 gift card holders. I thought I had all the bits cut out then realised I had but not the actual cards to stick the bits too! I blame it on working in the Post Office. It really is the job from hell at the moment. The only job worse than this is being a postie. I'm sure your winner will get her prize soon. trouble is there are so many millions of items in the system just now that now and then something does temporarily go astray. Pretty unkind of her to think you haven't sent it. Wouldn't worry about her though!

Hope the Nativity went well. I'd love to be able to see Poppy in hers but they're too far away. She's going to be Mary so I hope Catrions takes some pics of her.

Kat xx

Donna said...

Gorgoous gift boxes Lisa and perfect done in the acetate, love the Christmas papers you've used too! The teachers will love them :) Donna ♥ x

Vicky said...

Hi sweetums this is gorgeous hun I'm on making a candle for a commision altho my case is a round one lol....took me a bit longer cus I forgot I had used up my last acetate doing a murial thing on the sons bedroom wall lol.

As for your follower hun try not to let it bother you I used to get upset by losing followers now I think it shows what type of person they are.....I will follow you regardless hun & class you as a sweet friend.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

Donna said...

PS: Don't let the candy winner get you down...she is not a true crafter if she can just stop following your blog at the drop of a hat...not your fault the post is unreliable either...she'll have egg on her face when it eventually turns up! Donna x

Amanda said...

Hi Lisa, the candle boxes are lovely I bet Dex's "ladies" love them. Hope you enjoyed watching him this afternoon and didn't cry too much.

I am shocked about the candy winner but you have a loyal follower here, if not much of a commenter.



Unknown said...

These are fabulous, Mary x

Denise said...

Wow what a gorgeous candle box - well done you for persevering (I would have given up after messing one up!!)

As for the lost follower - I totally agree with everything everyone else has said - she is not worth worrying yourself over.

Enjoy the show tonight - I bet your little shepherd will be great.
Denise xx

Jo said...

What a gorgeous gift, you've done a fab job. I love it! As for your candy/follower........i agree with everyone else - she can't have been a true follower and not worth worrying over. Hope you feeling better.
Jo x

heidy said...

Oh Lisa what a great creation,Dex ladies lol will love them.
And the nurve of some people,I'm a postie yes I really am and it's the worst job at the moment!
I love your blog love visiting it consider myself as your friend and will always follow you
Hope you had fun at the show!
Hugs Heidy

Vicky said...

Another very beautiful make Lisa...and I love the dp's too hun :o)

Well what can I say about your follower/candy winner??...I think it's awful that someone would stop following you just because the haven't received the items...candy is for fun...! It's a nightmare for the posties at the mo (my hubby use to be one...!!)...and I would never stop following are gorgeous sweetie and a friend :o)

big hugs Vicky xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Firstly love your candle box, gorgeous paper. Bet they loved them. Secondly, how mean of someone to not believe you and stop following you. There are some funny people in the world. Best ignore them, most bloggers are lovely. Hope the Nativity went well. Hugs Mariane x

coldwaters2 said...

Oh Lisa you sound a bit fed up maybe it is the bug you have caught and all the faff of Christmas I think it seems worse when you are not feeling well. It is a shame that the candy winner stopped following you just because she did not receive the candy, I never follow anyone for the sake of candy to me it is a little bonus it is the wonderful creations that I find so inspiring just like this fantastic gift idea I do love the papers of the card base and a super coloured candle this is a great idea. i am not a believer of New Year resolutions but I think I am going to make one this year and that is to make sure that I make enough Christmas cards for my friends in blogland and to make my own gifts like this one, lol.
Lorraine x

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Your candle box is gorgeous and I just wish I was one of Dex's ladies, lol!

I can't believe that someone would think you hadn't sent the candy! Just goes to show that even though she had been following you for a while, she didn't really get to know you! It wouldn't have entered my head to think you hadn't sent it!

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa, how pretty are those candle holders and what a sweet gift. I'm sure Dex's 'ladies' will love them. I don't attempt anything like that as my cutting and measuring are absolute rubbish - I honestly cannot cut a straight line or measure at all, am a nightmare!

As for your blog candy winner / non-follower - I can understand how upset you would be, I would be too. The parcel will be most likely caught up in the Christmas post and when it arrives I would hope she sends you a very, very apologetic email! Hubby sells on ebay and has had nightmares with people trying to claim things haven't arrived - once someone even said a parcel hadn't arrived and when hubby tracked it and the PO showed the sig - the person said 'oh, I forgot I signed for it'!!! He sends everything recorded now!


Christine L said...

What lovely gifts for Dexter's nusery ladies! They'll love them for sure!
Now... you have every right to moan by the sounds of it... such a shame that there are people around that cause unpleasantness... but glad you can put it behind you and not let it upset you too much.. on the whole I think we're a good lot!! I feel that i've made lots of good friends through blogging.... and share nice things like photos that mean a lots etc.... Keep it up Lisa...
Christine x

Lorraine said...

Your candle gifts turned out gorgeous! I love the papers and the acetate box. I know what you mean about acetate - I was trying to create with it yesterday and kept messing it up, lol. And don't let the candy winner ruin your day. Seems she's ruined her own day with her attitude - don't let her rain on your parade too. I love seeing your creations and so do a LOT of others! Candy on any blog is just a bonus.

Jackie said...

Lovely gift idea, they look beautiful :o)
Jackie xx

The Stamp Basket said...

Really beautiful candles and hand-made boxes, Lisa...what a lovely, lovely gift idea...very special indeed! Hugs, Janet xx

coops said...

fantastic gifts lisa.they look really classy, bet dexs ladies will love them :D
so sorry to hear you have had problems regarding your candy winner.

xx coops xx

Cazza said...

Lisa you're sooooo bloomin' clever girlie, this candle (and box!) is gorgeous!! I bet 'the ladies' loved them :o)
As for your candy lady, hmmmmm some people ay! What a cheek, but don't let it get you down honey, she's so not worth it!
Big hugs,

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

These are really fabulous - what a lovely gift.
Aww don't let you blog candy winner get you down, hun - there's nowt so queer as folk and imagine how stoopid she will feel when that parcel turns up after crimbo!!
Caroline xxx

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Oops, silly me, forgot to add thanks for joining us at CES this week. :-)
Caroline xxx

Jessica said...

Your candle is lovely - what a super gift. Sorry to hear of your hassle - hope you feel a bit more positive now. Jxx

Heidi said...

So nice! Thanks for playing along with the ABC Christmas Challenge.